Steve Rotheram to ‘drive the party’s renaissance with business’ if elected in May

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Labour’s candidate for Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region will help drive the party’s renaissance with business if elected in May 2017, Steve Rotheram MP will say today.

Speaking in Liverpool at the launch of Labour’s new Regional Economic Conferences, the Metro Mayor hopeful will set out his administration’s economic priorities and will argue that a new relationship between Labour and business locally is needed to put an end to the Tory myth that the party cannot be trusted on the economy.

The Walton MP will also call on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to make a direct fiscal commitment so the City Region can be at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse.

Labour’s Mayoral candidate, Steve Rotheram MP, is to say:

“The accusation by the Tories is that Labour is anti-business. Let me be clear: Labour is not anti-business – but fiercely anti-bad business.

“We can be both pro-business and also pro-worker.

“It’s not a binary choice and they don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

“The worldwide financial crisis was created by corrupt casino bankers in Wall Street, not a Labour Government in Downing Street.

“As Metro Mayor, my goal will be to work with business to facilitate sustained economic growth by increasing our manufacturing output.

“I want to shape our economy and put us at the cutting edge of the growth sectors of the future.

“We have to capitalise on developing industries such as; the knowledge economy, advanced manufacturing and – creative and renewables – to help ensure we have the diversity and resilience to tackle the North-South divide.

“Our vision is an ambitious and dynamic City Region economy based on high value, high skill, high wage, high aspiration employment.

“As Labour’s candidate for Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, I will work tirelessly to drive the renaissance in the relationship between the public and private sectors locally, demonstrating that Labour and business can support a common agenda.”

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