Steve Rotheram to convene summit on tackling Health & Social Care crisis

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A major summit that brings together health and social care providers in the Liverpool City Region will be convened in a bid to tackle the unfolding crisis, Steve Rotheram MP will say today.

Labour’s Metro Mayor Candidate will be speaking during a parliamentary debate on ‘on social care in Liverpool’ in which he will set out a series of issues the Government must address to fix the crisis in the social care system.

The Walton MP will slam the Government for its nonsensical approach of starving Local Authorities across the City Region in the greatest need of financial resource, whilst at the same funnelling money to areas in the South of England.

Mr Rotheram is also expected to say that the Government’s attitude to social care is designed solely to benefit economically vibrant areas in the South East and their approach will widen the North-South divide.

In the debate, Steve Rotheram will say:

“If I am elected in May, I would be happy to work with the Minister, and the leaders of the six districts in the Liverpool City Region, to convene a Health and Social Care Summit to examine the current situation and look at how we might work together across the piece at what we could do better.

“I will use the soft powers of office to bring together Commissioners and Providers from across the City Region’s health and social care systems – to assess the nature and scale of the crisis we face and stimulate the conversation about how we can do things together better by working together across our City Region, breaking down the artificial silos that can restrict the ability to radically transform the sector.

“I don’t pretend for a second that there are easy answers, certainly not when you consider the scale of cuts that the Government have been inflicting on our local authorities since 2010. But we do have a responsibility to ensure that the resources we do have are used optimally and we have a duty to ensure health and social care work in a seamless and joined up a way as possible within the current structures of responsibility and funding restrictions.”

Speaking about the demands, Steve Rotheram added:

“If elected as Metro Mayor for the Liverpool City Region I will do all I can to fill the vacuum being left by the woeful approach of this Government to the crisis in social care. But there are clearly limits to what can be achieved at a local or even sub-regional level within the current inadequate resourcing.

“We don’t need another Government-backed commission on social care. It is time for action. Our elderly family members and our overstretched, and all too often under-rewarded, care workers deserve nothing less.”

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