Steve joins volunteer outreach team to support Liverpool homeless

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Steve Rotheram joined volunteers from the Paper Cup Project to offer support to homeless people across Liverpool city centre tonight. Speaking with some of the city’s most vulnerable, he helped the outreach team hand out food and hot drinks to those in need.

Learning more about the issue of homeless and how people came to be on the streets, he plans to make tackling the issue a key priority if he is elected as the City Region’s mayor next year.

Explaining his decision to help the Paper Cup Project tonight, Steve said: “I think most people are aware that there’s a homelessness problem and I try to be pragmatic, I like to see things for myself, and it’s shocking to see the plain truth.”

“Under the current government homelessness has gone up every single year the Tories have been in power.”

“When you are listening to some of the stories it’s heart rending – through no fault of their own people can end up in circumstances like this.

And for a lot of people sleeping rough there is some involvement with government policies – whether that is the Bedroom Tax or a million and one other things – they have ended up in a downward spiral. From some of the stories, it can happen to anyone.”

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