Local Government Finance Settlement yet another blow to Halton Borough Council

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The Local Government Finance Settlement outlined by the Secretary of State will be yet another blow to Halton Borough Council that has seen huge cuts in its funding from central Government.
Sajid David talks about it being an opportunity to be ‘bold’ and ‘brave’ but in reality he is simply shifting the mess onto councils by starving them of the basis resources needed to deliver services. As a result, local authorities are now on the brink.
His announcement of an extra £240m in the adult social care support grant in 2017-18 will not fix the crisis in social care that has occurred on the Tories watch.
While Tory councils in the South will see an average fall in spending power per household of £68, the equivalent cut for Labour councils in the North is more than £340 per household – five times higher. The figures speak for themselves – the Tories have contributed to the North-South divide and it urgently needs addressing.
If elected as Metro Mayor, I will continue to fight the pernicious cuts that have been imposed which are having a devastating impact on some of the poorest areas in the Liverpool City Region.

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