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The Liverpool City Region should be given a slice of the reported 10,000-30,000 jobs created as a result of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, Steve Rotheram MP has said.

Mr Rotheram’s comments follow a leaked report by Deloitte, which estimates that there may need to be an increase of up to 40% in staff numbers to cope with the complexities of the UKs exit from the European Union.

Labour’s City Region Mayoral candidate says Merseyside and Halton can accommodate a large number of the roles created.

In a letter to the Brexit Secretary David Davis MP, the Walton MP says the Liverpool City Region is ideally placed to assist with the estimated 30,000 new posts that may be required.

He states that: “Office space is much cheaper in our area than that available in Whitehall and a number of civil service personnel are already situated within our city region, so it would make sense for the Government to look at the value of locating additional posts here in reducing the costs to the public purse.”

The Labour hopeful believes the City Region can help reduce the pressure on Government departments as the UK enters Brexit negotiations.

Steve Rotheram said:

“The Prime Minister recently claimed she wants to lead a country that ‘works for everyone’ but this has to translate into giving people across the Liverpool City Region a fair chance at accommodating any additional posts created by Brexit.

“Our City Region has fantastic civil servant personnel and we can help alleviate the pressures on the Secretary of State’s department.

“I am determined to help tackle the North South divide and that is why I am pushing the Government to end its obsession with Whitehall and Westminster. Whether people in Merseyside and Halton voted Leave or Remain in the EU Referendum, the thing they will all agree on is that any opportunities from our withdrawal from Europe must be distributed fairly. Any new jobs therefore must be prioritised for areas like ours.”

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